Vishal Gulati


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About Me

I am a healthtech VC in Europe and I help entrepreneurs who are using new technologies to improve access, experience and outcome of healthcare.  I lead healthtech investments at Draper Esprit, Europe’s leading digital technology VC firm and a part of Draper Venture Network.

Since 2012, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best entrepreneurs  and to build the biggest portfolio of digital health companies in Europe. These include some of the first generation of digital health scalups like  Clue, PushDr, Lifesum, Ieso Digital Health, Fluidic Analytics, Mimi, MyRecovery (see current portfolio here)

Before  this, in over a decade of investing  I managed a successful portfolio of healthcare companies including Napo Pharmaceuticals (USA), Glenmark (India), Renovo Group (UK) Phagenesis (UK) Psynova Neurotech, Bioscale and Enigma Diagnostics.

Prior to being venture capitalist, I trained as a physician at various centres including the Nuffield Department of Medicine (Oxford) and Department of Medicine (St Mary’s Hospital, London) and worked at Atlas Venture, The Wellcome Trust and Radiant Capital.

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