Vishal Gulati


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About Me

A whole new technology stack for healthcare is being developed with data at its core. I am helping companies that are building this new stack. I have been part of the journey of some amazing companies as an investor / board director (see current portfolio here):

AI/Machine Learning:
Kheiron Medical, Sensyne, Turbine

Computational /Synthetic Biology: Horizon Discovery, Fluidic Analytics, Evonetix, Project Sapien, Repositive

Digital Therapeutics:  Ieso Digital Health, Closed Loop, MyRecovery, Quit Genius

Consumer Health: Lifesum, Clue, Push Doctor, Mimi

Prior to being venture capitalist, I trained as a physician at various centres including the Nuffield Department of Medicine (Oxford) and Department of Medicine (St Mary’s Hospital, London) and worked at Atlas Venture, The Wellcome Trust and Radiant Capital.

I lead healthtech investments at Draper Esprit, Europe’s leading digital technology VC firm and a part of Draper Venture Network.

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