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Zoe is leading the world’s largest evidence based nutritional research project in collaboration with scientists from universities including Harvard, King’s College London, Massachusetts General Hospital, Oxford and Stanfod Universities to identify the best way to eat healthy.


Endomag is revolutionising the treatment of breast cancer one of the most common cancers in the world. Endomag makes Sentimag localisation system and magnetic markers, Magseed and Magtrace which enable physicians to carry out tumour localisations and breast cancer staging with one platform. Endomag adds greater flexibility and precision, and removing the need for both wires and radioactivity.

Closed Loop Medicine

A new breed of therapeutics company: The Closed Loop Medicine model of care allows for the delivery of optimised treatment pathways, tailored to the patient to provide optimal therapy and the most cost-effective product for health systems.


Arctoris allows researchers and biotech entrepreneurs to design and remotely execute advanced cellular and molecular biology research experiments. Using the Arctoris system, researchers worldwide enjoy accelerated progress in their research, making discoveries faster and more efficiently, whilst being liberated from manual work.

Turbine AI

Turbine models how cancer works on the molecular level and tests millions of potential drugs on it with artificial intelligence. Turbine’s in silico experiments can test an almost infinite number of interventions on a Simulated Cell that reflects the molecular diversity of cancer cells accurately. The company takes laboratory trial and error out of drug discovery and tackles it with scalable power on its servers.

Kheiron Medical Technologies

Kheiron combines novel deep learning methods and radiology insights to find cancers early and with unprecedented sensitivity and specificity. Kheiron is the first UK company to receive a CE Mark in deep learning and radiology.

Bold Health

Bold Health is designing digital therapies that are both evidence-based and engaging, we can empower patients to overcome daily challenges by activating behaviour change to address chronic digestive conditions


Sensyne Health

In collaboration with life sciences companies and NHS partners, Sensyne Health uses AI to detect hidden patterns in anonymised patient data, accelerating the development of new medicines.

Quit Genius

Quit Genius it the world’s first mobile cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program that’s been scientifically proven to help you quit for good. Quit Genius was founded by doctors from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2016 and was selected to participating in YCombinator’s Jan ’18 programme.


Evonetix is set to revolutionise de novo gene synthesis to facilitate the fast-growing and exciting field of synthetic biology. Evonetix’s unique selling point is driven by high fidelity and parallelisation of gene synthesis. Evonetix is based in Cambridge, UK.

Ieso Digital Health

Ieso Digital Health provides online cognitive behaviour therapy to treat a range of mental health conditions on behalf of health providers (including the NHS) private individuals and businesses. Currently, Ieso operates in the UK and the USA. In 2017, Ieso Digital Health was crowned the Best Digital Innovation at the UK Digital Experience Award and was also listed in UK Fast 50, an index of UK’s fastest growing companies.


Clue started by building a cycle tracking app that’s confident, empowering and scientific. Clue’s app is empathetic, positive and not filled with butterflies or euphemisms. Clue’s goal is to give people a way to track and discover the unique patterns in their cycle. Clue is a Draper Espirt portfolio company.

Fluidic Analytics

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They form the key components of cells, co-ordinate crucial biochemical processes and carry out the chemical reactions that allow the biological world to function. By developing products that make protein characterisation faster, more precise, more convenient, more cost-effective and more accurate, Fluidic Analytics is striving to help scientists, healthcare providers and people everywhere to understand the world around them better. A Draper Esprit portfolio company

Horizon DIscovery

Horizon Discovery (LSE: HZD) is a world-leading gene editing company headquartered in the Cambridge, UK. Horizon’s platform comprises multiple precision gene editing technologies (our proprietary technology rAAV together with CRISPR and ZFN), and is underpinned by an extensive intellectual property estate of owned or in-licensed rights. Horizon participates in similar markets to life science tool and service stocks such as Abcam and Evotec, and uses gene editing to underpin the business similar to CRISPR stocks such as Editas and Intellia.


Healthy living, simplified. Lifesum is a Stockholm-based tech startup with a vision to make it simple for people everywhere to lead healthy lifestyles. Lifesum app combines technology and applied psychology with personal preferences to help people form habits that build towards healthier, happier lives. A Draper Esprit portfolio company.


Ears are not perfect. As with every part of your body, your hearing gets worse over time. Yet today’s music isn’t optimized for you and your hearing. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to enjoy music to its full potential. We’ve spent the last years testing half a million ears. Our medically certified (CE) hearing test and music apps help us understand the way you hear — like no other company before. This data helps us to form your earprint. It’s your own key to personalized sound.

Push Doctor

The online doctor consultation service.  Just fast, confidential, expert advice whenever and wherever you need it. It’s the way all healthcare will work in future. It’s the way your healthcare can work today. A Draper Esprit portfolio company

My Recovery

Myrecovery is a digital companion when undergoing orthopaedic surgery. myrecovery helps you plan your recovery in the most simple and straightforward way so you can get back to doing what matters most. Clinicians use myrecovery to transform their patients’ experience myrecovery informs and empowers patients through every step of their treatment journey, while providing clincians with a valuable tool for measuring outcomes and managing quality.


Repositive: One portal to search the world’s human genomic data. Repositive’s platform aggregates metadata from human genomic datasets across the globe.